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  • NGV Trishool

Dan James. 

Oh My God! Doesnt he look good in a United Shirt? Daniel James from Swansea for 15 Million GBP. This Transfer represents everything United should do this summer to have a successful rebuild.

James is Young, Ambitious and a quality player. What did United see to buy him? (Not commercial value for sure 👍). His style of play and the team's deficiency. The first thing I'll point out is his versatility. The Boy can play LW, RW and CF.

Dan James likes to hug the touchline and make runs in behind. With his pace, He'll be troubling every fullback in the league. He is also very skillful and likes to leave a man in the dust. Daniel can also cut in and take a shot. DANIEL JAMES WITH HIS PACE WILL PRESS THE DEFENDERS UNTIL THEY PANIC.

Which makes him the perfect RW for our team. If you get excited whilst reading this- Wait for the next one. (If you dont- Help yourself please). A Front Trio of Martial, Marcus Rashford and Daniel James!!. A Pacy Frontline. A Fluid Frontline. A Pressing Frontline. All 3 can interchange movements and dribble past with ease.

If you still have doubts- He left Kyle Walker and Otamendi on the ground. His tremendous workrate is also a valuable asset for the team. He's been putting in the graft in Dubai and I hope it pays off.

Good Luck Daniel!

I'll be posting his highlight reel within a week.

(Since, I am not that great in Video Editing.)

Enjoy!! 👍👌