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  • NGV Trishool


No Director of Football.

No Technical Director.

Did not back Jose Mourinho.

Louis Van Gaal was sacked through media.

Sacked David Moyes too soon and didnt back him.

1) We've had 4 managers yet we're still the same.

Its the man up top. Ed Woodward.

Ed Woodward backs any manager in the first transfer window, good enough.

But he blindly signs anyone the manager wants, Regardless if they would fit in at the club or the teams requirements.

2) Coming to his signings, there were so many flops. Why?

Because we dont have a proper recruitment policy, the manager has to follow the clubs traditions, history and values.

Jose Mourinho is a serial winner who has won 25 trophies and won everywhere he has been, yet he doesnt back him. Pogba was not his signing, I dont think Fred was also his signing. Instead of landing his first targets; he gets his 2nd and 3rd.

Naturally the quality of the team would go down.

3) Wage Structure- There is no proper wage structure at the club, Our best players Paul Pogba and David De Gea are threatening to leave the club if they dont get Alexis Sanchez's wages. They should be, Alexis Sanchez has lost all hunger after he came here because he got a contract which would see him off through his retirement. And now, when he is flopping our best players are threatening to leave because of him. If Ed had any brains and a wage structure, this whole situation could've been sorted out.

4) Commercial Deals- Kohler, Adidas, Chevrolet, Del Diablo, Some Tractor company, Chivas Regal, Paul Smith, Some Random Braindead company. You know these firms? They are all partners of United. What is going on? Is this a Football club or a Marketing Agency?. This feels more like a company and we're being treated like Customers rather than fans. Seriously, They need to stop this. Ed, Just please.

5) This Summer: We were promised a re structure, a thorough search for Man Utd full time manager. We announced Ole Gunnar as out Full time manager in March, What happened? Players lost their hunger, dead results, No UCL Football next season. Ed Messed up. For a restructure, there have been some names linked- Mike Phelan, Darren Fletcher, Rio Ferdinand, Nemanja Vidic, Paul Mitchell, Sonchi, NGV Trishool (hahahahaha) seriously)

Please Ed, Just focus on one guy and get him.

Back the manager in the summer with sensible recruitment.

Figure out these contract issues.

No Commercial deals for 1 year.

All the problems will be solved.