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  • NGV Trishool

The Academy- Potential Breakout Stars

Updated: May 10, 2019

We always have to look on the bright side, Stay Positive. We have to look forward to a new season in August with fresh signings, a new full season for a manager, a Full pre season and good and exciting football.

Not only New signings but there are potential players who can help the first team by bursting on to the scene like most of our Iconic graduates of our prestigious Academy do- David Beckham, Paul Pogba, Marcus Rashford, Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs. I will be looking at 4 players who currently play for the Youth team who can be stars next season for Manchester United.

Those four 4 Players are Mason Greenwood, Angel Gomes, Tahith Chong and James Garner.

Mason Greenwood is undoubtedly the Golden Boy. Mason is an all rounded player who can play either as a striker or as a second striker. He he has a very good passing accuracy and is able to link up the play like a Classical No. 10. He can make late runs into the box, scores with both his left and right foot. Has very good set piece ability and has scored 44 Goals and given 12 assists for U18's and U23's this season. He also adeptly reads the wingers movements and places himself accordingly.

Mason Greenwood has been sensational/

Tahith Chong is a classical winger playing for the U23's. He is fast, he a full box of tricks and is very tricky to deal with. He is explosive and loves to run with the ball, His left foot is also well admired. Tahith Chong even though he is a winger he likes to drop into the central areas, make play and appear in different places on the pitch making him incredibly hard to deal with. The ability to put the ball into the box, speed, dribbling, running, mixing up positions make him an exciting player and the one who makes fans go "WOAH"!!!. A Established player called Eden Hazard also has a similar style of play.


Angel Gomes is another exciting player who is quickly rising through the ranks. He primarily operates in a No. 10 role but is versatile enough to play in any attacking position. He has a deadly change of pace, with an amazing passing range and vision, He also carries a very good finishing ability in his boot and his workrate is first class. Any attack or move has to flow through him. You could compare him to Mesut Ozil in a free role but with a tendency to run his legs into the ground and give his team some more defensive stability.

Angel Gomes is the youngest United player to make a first team debut.

The last and final one but my personal favorite. James Garner, he operates in a deep defensive midfield and is widely praised because of his leadership skills and his workrate. He has phenomenal passing range and he has the brains to control the tempo from the deep. Rings any bell? Micheal Carrick and Andrea Pirlo. This is something the team sorely lacks and he can withing a few years provide the base of a successful midfield for the years to come.

All 4 are phenomenal and exciting. Each and every United fan should feel excited about them. Lets hope they are given more and more minutes and they develop and turn into true world beaters.